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10 Ways to Trick Your Teen into a Healthy, Drug-Free Lifestyle This Halloween - and Beyond

It’s a fact: teens trick their parents from time to time. Experts say it’s normal for teens to stretch rules, take risks and try out some trickery (just think back to when you were a teen.) But there are some key things parents can do to keep their young tricksters safe and healthy. With Halloween around the corner, why not roll up your sleeves and do some productive tricking – and treating – of your own?

Learn these 10 Ways to Trick Your Teen into a Healthy, Drug-Free Lifestyle. One way, for instance, is to maintain open lines of communication with your child by tricking them into talking with you every day. It may sound obvious, but regularly chatting about topics such as sports, celebrities and the news will help your teen feel comfortable sharing his views and opinions with you so that when an important topic comes up – like drugs or drinking – there will be a solid foundation for an open and comfortable dialogue.

Find out other easy tricks to get your teen to follow your rules, take healthy risks and stay out of trouble. Now that’s a sweet treat for everyone!

Have a happy, healthy Halloween!

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