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    September 29, 2009

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    Rx for Prevention

    Rx Chat

    Dr. Drew Pinsky - or Dr. Drew, as he is known as host of Celebrity Rehab on VH1 - recently joined the Drug Czar, Office of National Drug Control Policy Director R. Gil Kerlikowske, to answer questions from reporters and bloggers on parenting and teen prescription drug abuse. During the online chat, Dr. Drew and Director Kerlikowske shared their expertise on drug prevention, ways to handle teen pressures, and resources for families struggling with substance abuse. They covered a variety of topics, including, the types of prescription drugs teens commonly abuse, how parents can talk to their kids about drugs, tips for bridging generation and technology gaps, and much more.

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    chat transcript to learn more from Dr. Drew and Director Kerlikowske.

    You can influence your teen's behavior

    Despite the peer pressure and media influences that teens face every day, parents are the most important influence when it comes to keeping their kids drug-free. To effectively safeguard your kids from drugs, parents can monitor teens by keeping track of their activities, monitoring their use of technology (including Web site histories, text messages, and call logs) and paying attention to new or changing lifestyle patterns to remain in-the-know about what's going on in their lives.

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    safeguarding and monitoring your teen.

    What can you do? Follow these tips to help reduce the risk of teen prescription drug abuse:

    1. Safeguard all drugs at home. Monitor quantities and control access.

    2. Set clear rules for teens about all drug use, including not sharing medicine and always following the medical provider's advice and dosages.

    3. Be a good role model by following these same rules with your own medicines.

    4. Properly dispose of old or unneeded medicines.

    5. Ask friends and family to safeguard their prescription drugs as well.

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    What parents should know about teen use of prescription, OTC drugs

    Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are found in the medicine cabinets of almost every household. Parents can take an active role in preventing the abuse of these drugs by their teens.

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    Read expert advice on teens and prescription drugsto learn how to help keep them drug-free.

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    Looking for FREE materials about teen prescription drug abuse? Check out TheAntiDrug.com's Rx toolkit which includes a color brochure, new report, videos, and more. Rx resources>>

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