• Google Classroom:  
    We will be utilizing the "Google Classroom" platform (http://classroom.google.com) in all of my courses this year.  It's a wonderful way for us to stay connected and organized. Each course has its own page where I will share "Do Nows," homework and long-term assignments, announcements, documents and presentations, all of which can be accessed on your Chromebook.  You can create, share and turn in documents, and see your graded assignments.  
    Syllabi/Media Permission Forms (PDF files) for 2020-2021 school year: 


    Grading Policy (additional specifics are in the course syllabus) :
    Remember: I do not give you grades, you earn them.
    • You will be graded on a points system.  The number of points earned throughout the marking period will be divided by the number of points offered to determine the final grade.  The more work, studying and preparation that an assignment requires, the greater number of points it will be worth.
    • Graded Google docs and assignments submitted electronically will always be available to you through your Google Drive and Google Classroom. 
    • You and your family have access to my grade book via the Parent Portal so you can keep track of your grades online.  I will do my best to post grades as soon as possible, within two weeks, unless otherwise noted.  Please be aware that since your grades are calculated using a points system, they are subject to fluctuation, particularly if you receive a zero for a missing or incomplete assignment.  Try to think of the "big picture," as your final grades for each marking period will be calculated using dozens of assignments and hundreds of points, but also keep in mind the impact that zeroes or partial credit can have on your overall average.  
    Additional Resources:
    Struggling with a quote analysis? Click here to download the "How to Analyze a Quotation" handout
    Before you hand in your paper, proofread it using THE WRITER'S CHECKLIST.
    Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
    This site, carefully maintained by Purdue University, is great for all things writing.  Visit it for help with MLA formatting and citations, guidelines for avoiding plagiarism, and tips to strengthen your writing.
    Grammar Girl 
    This site has lots of great grammar tips and rules presented in an easy to navigate format.  If you're writing a paper and confused about whether to use "who" or "whom," grammar girl can help you out!  Grammar lessons can be read or downloaded as podcasts.