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Shore Regional High School District

International Baccalaureate World School

Students First

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians:

My name is Mrs. Alison Cook and I will be your teacher for the upcoming school year. I will be teaching Honors Biology, College Preparatory Biology, and Environmental Science. I will also be an in-class support teacher for College Preparatory Biology and Environmental Science.

 This is my tenth year teaching at Shore Regional High School and I’m very enthusiastic about making this school year even better than the last eight! As a science teacher, I bring a large part of my own experiences (I was a scientist at Rutgers University for 7 years before coming to Shore) into the classroom and I expect a reciprocal amount in return from my students; we are a learning community! In our classroom, the promotion of self-responsibility in the learning process and the value of the “owning” one’s knowledge is a goal I set for all of the students that explore science in our classroom. Students that have the desire to question and know how to find information, make inferences, solve problems and communicate their ideas to others are well prepared for our class together, and ultimately, success in any field. We have a demanding biology and environmental science curricula to discover but I expect to have a lot of fun this year doing so!

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you.  My telephone number/extension is (732) 222-9300 #4330 and my e-mail address is  

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Environmental Science Syllabus/Grading Policy

*Class Calendars can be found at the left of this screen- all assignment due dates will be posted in the classroom and on the calendar. Students will be given a hard copy or a shared document for assignments. Students will also receive a weekly email that details all previously assigned/upcoming assigned work and their due dates. If a parent/guardian wishes to be included in email communication, please email me and I will add you to the class's email distribution list.

*If I am your in-class support teacher, please visit McMahon's or Santangelo's faculty webpage for up-to-date info on our class together!

*Student/Parent Portal (link is on main site) will be updated frequently and within 2 weeks of students turning in work (*unless otherwise noted). If you are having difficulty accessing the portal, please seek information from the guidance office!


Mrs. Alison Cook