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What is "IB" and How Do I Get It?

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme began in 1968 to support the needs of diplomats and their families as they moved throughout Europe on various assignments.  With a liberal arts basis, the IB curriculum offers students an academically rigorous high school experience.  At the heart of the IB Diploma Programme are two distinctive requirements: students must be actively involved in creative, physical, and service-based (CAS) projects, and they must complete a course entitled "Theory of Knowledge" (TOK).  Additionally, each diploma candidate must write an extended essay, create and deliver a presentation on a "knowledge issue," and submit a paper on one of ten prescribed topics for Theory of Knowledge. 

To receive an IB diploma, a student must receive at least 24 points out of a possible 45 points awarded through various assessments. 
IB diploma candidates undergo six assessments during the spring of their senior year.  Each exam or other final evaluation is scored on a 1-7 scale.  The points students earn on these assessments account for 42 of the 45 points possible.  Students may be awarded up to an additional three points for outstanding work on the extended and TOK essays and on the TOK presentation.  For more information on this exciting academic offering, you can download the following files:

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Adding IB to the Mix: How and Why Shore Regional Now Offers the IB Diploma Programme

"The Other Advanced Program"
Students interested in applying for the IB program can obtain an application form from Mrs. Miano, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator.

Anyone interested in learning more about the IB Diploma Programme in general can find much more information at the international organization's website:

Please contact Vanessa Miano, the IB Coordinator for information about the program at Shore Regional High School.  Email her at