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June 2010

Dear Parents,

As the parents of eight children, my wife, Karen, and I know how hard it is to raise a family in today's ever-changing world. It can feel like our children are growing up way too fast, and, as parents, it's important for us to do all we can to keep up with our kids. Not an easy task, is it?

Today, right at their fingertips, the Internet allows parents to be engaged with and informed about current events and issues. With that in mind, I'm happy to introduce the launch of "Healthy Competition," a new website created by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Major League Baseball Players Association.

"Healthy Competition," is a resource for parents (and their children) looking for valuable information in the areas of fitness and nutrition that can help them raise healthy teens and student athletes. It is associated with the Partnership's TimeToTalk® program for parents of teens and tweens.

I've been a Major League pitcher for more than 20 years, and to some people I'm considered a role model. But I strongly believe that the most important role models a child can have are his or her parents. Your children look up to you, and in times of need, they turn to you for guidance and support.

Please visit the site to hear what my Major League peers and fellow fathers, Torii Hunter, Mike Sweeney, Mark Teixeira, Michael Young and I have to say about eating right, training right and playing right. Together, we've played Major League Baseball for more than 70 years, and along the way we've learned quite a bit about what it takes to become a healthy, well-rounded student athlete. We're eager to share our experiences and knowledge with you, so you can pass it on to your teenage children.

It's no easy task to be the parent of teenagers, but hopefully "Healthy Competition," can help make your job just a little bit easier.

Warm regards,

Jamie Moyer

What Does Healthy Competition Mean to You?

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) today introduced a new online campaign, "Healthy Competition: A Resource for Parents," at that offers unique insight from Major League Baseball players on raising student athletes, coupled with the Partnership's prevention tools and resources at, which helps parents steer teens away from the risks of drugs and alcohol.

Through exclusive video interviews with Major League Baseball players and dads Torii Hunter, Jamie Moyer, Mike Sweeney, Mark Teixeira and Mike Young, and strength and conditioning trainer, Tim Maxey, the site emphasizes the benefits of exercise, good nutrition and fitness and highlights the importance of playing fair and being a positive, pro-active team player.

The site also boasts a downloadable Time to Talk® Talk Kit to help guide parents in their conversations with their children and provide them with Teachable Moments they can use to maintain the conversation over time. More than half of teens participate in high school sports, and these activities present another opportunity for moms and dads to talk about the importance of staying healthy and avoiding alcohol and drugs.

To hear advice for aspiring student athletes to help them overcome obstacles and address what parents can do to help them deal with life's challenges and pressures, visit

Torii Hunter

Born: 7/18/1975 in Pine Bluff, AR
HT: 6'2''
WT: 225
Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
MLB Position: Center Fielder #48
Status: Active Player
MLB Debut: August 22, 1997

Team: Hunter Family
Position: Father and Husband
Status: Active Parent
Children: 4 sons (Cameron, 13; Torii Jr., 10; Darius, 10; and Monshadrik, 9)

QUOTE: "As a father, I tell my kids and show them how to apply themselves whether it's on the field or off. If you're working hard in the gym or studying hard for a test, you're going to succeed. You have to prepare yourself and put in that extra work to get that A in school or score that homerun. As long as you keep things positive and fair, great things are going to happen."

Did You Know?
Torii was named the 2007 Marvin Miller Man of the Year by his peers? Fellow Major Leaguers bestowed this honor on Torii for his stellar play on the field and for his inspirational community service work.

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